Both of my children went to St. Fillan’s at different times and thoroughly enjoyed their time there.  It was a fun, safe learning environment and the perfect stepping stone to school nursery.  The staff are friendly and both of my sons gained more confidence and developed their social skills during their time at playgroup.
– Former Parent,  September, 2017

My two sons both attended St Fillan’s playgroup. They had experienced private nursery so were able to transition into St Fillan’s playgroup routine relatively easily, however, the staff were very warm and helpful to make this transition easier for them. Compared with private nursery, I found that my sons both really benefited from playgroup structure and helped them to develop specific skills required in preparation for pre-school nursery. They became more aware of basic social skills, sharing, listening to playgroup leaders (not just mum or dad), dealing with semi-structured play, etc. Through playgroup, they both coped with the transition into preschool nursery very well. I feel St Fillan’s playgroup played an integral role with this development for 2 to 3 year olds. They really enjoyed their time at St Filllan’s and I plan to send my daughter once she turns 2. The “All about Me” books are great examples of the children’s development but also the effort and care the staff take with working with each child. I would highly recommend St Fillan’s playgroup.
– Former Parent, June 2015


My daughter started attending St. Fillan’s Playgroup just after she turned 2. The staff were very patient in helping her to settle in and once she was settled, she absolutely loved it and developed great relationships with the staff. She left Playgroup to attend pre-school nursery at 3 and I could see a huge difference in her confidence as well as in her abilities and social skills. St. Fillan’s Playgroup really set her up for moving on to nursery. The All About Me book that I was given which showed her developmental progress through Playgroup is a lovely keepsake.
– Former Parent, Feb 2015


St Fillan’s was a wonderful playgroup for my daughter Naomi. She loved it. She enjoyed all the activities and playing with the other boys and girls. It really helped her when she had to start pre-school nursery and therefore settled really well into the next stage of her life. The most impressive thing was the leaving folder (full of photos of her time at St Fillan’s) that the leaders put together for her. It is amazing and 10 months later she is still asking me to look at it with her.
– Former Parent, Sept 2014